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International Conference

Afghanistan: “The Path to Success”

August 17-18, 2013


Arrival Day: Friday August 16, 2013

Arrival of the participants at the Hotel Hilton, Munich City, Rosenheimer Straße 15, 81667 Munich (afternoon)

Saturday August 17, 2013: DAY ONE

Conference Room Salon Strauß, Hilton Hotel, Munich City

09:00-09:05     Beginning with the verses of the Holy Quran

                        Mehdi Yousufi


09:05-09:15     Welcome Speech

Dr. Abdullah Rahimi, Munich Process


09:15- 09:40    Keynote speech- Ahmad Zia Massoud- Former vice president and the Chairman of the Afghanistan National Front


Panel 1: Upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

  09:40- 10:40    Moderators- Amrullah Saleh



Challenge Issues:

  1. Election and the Census and Electoral Database
  2. Postulations of a Free and Fair Election
  3. Elections in a time of conflict
  4. Electoral System
  5. Management of Electoral Disputes and combating Electoral frauds

10:40- 11:00    Tea/ Coffee break

11:00- 12:00    Q &A and comments from audience

12:00 - 13:30   Lunch and Prayer Break


Panel 2: Reconciliation/ Peace Process in Afghanistan

13:30- 13:50   Keynote Speech- Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, ex Vice President, Parliamentarian from Kabul and the leader of the People’s Unity Party of Afghanistan (will be read by Habib Ahmadi)

13:50- 13:55    Moderator- Dr. Abdullah Rahimi

13:55- 14:55    Commentators


Challenge Issues:

  1. Ingredients of a successful reconciliation process
  2. Reconciliation and the neighboring Countries
  3. Are reconciliation, pluralism and justice compatible?
  4. Assessment of reconciliation process to date
  5. Reconciliation and durable peace
  6. Reconciliation and the future of conflict in Afghanistan


14:55- 15:10    Tea/ Coffee break

15:10- 16:20    Q &A and comments session with audience

Closure of Day One

19:00-20:00     Dinner


Sunday, August 18, 2013- Day Two

Panel 3: Decentralization of Power in Afghanistan

09:00- 09:20    Keynote Speaker- Faizullah Zaki, The Vice President of the Junbesh Party led by General Dostum

09:20- 09:25    Moderator- Professor Tordiqol Maimanagi


09:25- 10:25    Commentators


Challenging Issues:

  1. Decentralization and Diversity
  2. Decentralization and Development
  3. Decentralized Fiscal Management
  4. Decentralization and Corruption
  5. Decentralization and Good Governance

10:25- 10:40    Tea/ Coffee break


10:40- 11:00    Keynote Speaker- Amrullah Saleh- The current and the Post-ISAF Security Challenges of Afghanistan.

, 11:00- 12:00    Q &A and comments session with audience

12: 00- 13:30   Lunch and Prayer Break


Panel 3: Parliamentary Democracy


13:30- 14:30    Moderator: Dr. Hussain Yasa


                        Commentators: (Each will have 15 minutes to speak)


Challenge Issues:

  1. Parliamentary Democracy and Pluralism
  2. Parliamentary Democracy and Stability
  3. Parliamentary Democracy and Political Parties
  4. Parliamentary Democracy and Accountability


14:30- 14:50    Tea/ Coffee break


14:50- 15:10    Keynote Speaker: Bharat Bhushan- The experience of Parliamentary Democracy in India and why does it suit multiethnic/cultural societies in comparison to the Presidential System?    

15:10- 16:10    Q &A and comments session with audience


16:10-16:30     Keynote speech- Charles Edward Santos, former staff of the UN Secretary General and the expert on Afghanistan


16:30- 16:40    Conclusion:    Dr. Hussain Yasa, Coordinator, Munich Process 


Closure of the conference

19:00-20:00     Dinner


International Conferencehere

Afghanistan: The Path to Success

August 17-18, 2013

The conference is being held in a critical period for the people of Afghanistan. The international community has been involved in a long and arduous mission but now questions what has been achieved and seems on the brink of disengaging. Going forward, Afghans face a range of unattractive options. Afghans are obliged to contemplate the prospect of a repetition of the tragedies that tore the country apart culturally, politically and economically during the 1990s. The prospect of a return to civil war has created a palpable sense of insecurity and uncertainty about the future.

The Afghan political class and their international allies seem dangerously confused over how to avert the collapse of the system they have invested in for over a decade. Belief in the possibility of a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan seems to have evaporated.

Fortunately, there are still some creative thinkers, committed to achieving political and administrative reform and making Afghan democracy work.

“The Munich Process” is based on the belief that creative solutions and honesty of purpose can offer a way forward in Afghanistan. We have organized this conference to help shape these creative solutions. It is intended as a modest contribution to showing the way forward.

The International Conference, “Afghanistan: The Path to Success” will be held on August 17-18, 2013 in Munich, Germany. Top experts from Afghanistan and around the world will gather to address the following issues,:

  1. The upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections
  2. The peace and reconciliation Process
  3. Parliamentary Democracy as an alternative to the current Presidential System
  4. Decentralization of power as an alternative to the current Unitary System

“The Munich Process” hopes to generate conference conclusions which can inform Afghan parties and the International Community as they face the challenges of maintaining Afghanistan's National Unity, Sovereignty and the Integrity, beyond the life of ISAF

We trust in God.